Can unconventional lithium fill the supply gap?

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The need for more sustainable lithium production has thrust new resources into the limelight. Market participants want to know:

  • How big is the supply gap, and can unconventional lithium fill it?
  • Which unconventional recovery methods are commercial?
  • What are the risks, including ESG risks, associated with different recovery methods?
  • How effective are different direct-lithium-extraction methods?
  • How much future supply will come from hard rock and salar brine in the next ten years?

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Interact with six charts and figures to help you understand the scale and commercial value of unconventional lithium reserves, covering:

  • Lithium concentration in water from unconventional oil and gas fields
  • The location of geothermal and oilfield brines
  • The effectiveness and readiness of direct-lithium-extraction technologies
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Lithium resources

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