Could you spot a new commodities supercycle?

Over 10 million short tons of additional scrap is required to support the growth of sustainable steelmaking capacity in the US. But with inflated prices and supply disruptions lingering – is a new prime scrap supercycle on the horizon?  

Learn more about:

  • How much new EAF capacity is coming to the US over the next two years
  • What new strategy are US mills adopting and whether steel scrap prices will be impacted
  • Whether automotive output will return to pre-Covid levels and when 
  • And will Russia’s invasion of Ukraine cause lasting damage to the US steel scrap and metallics market?  

What you’ll find inside:

  • Ten interactive pricing, trade, and forecast graphs and charts  
  • Historical and recent price trends for the prime scrap market 
  • The impact of growing EAF capacity on the steel scrap market 
  • Automotive output predictions for the year ahead

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