Base metals market forecast

This full and forward-looking market analysis helps you to quickly react to price changes and developments in the base metals industry.

In the headlines:

  • Aluminium: Short-term constructive view
  • Copper: Sell-off likely to prove transient
  • Lead: Prices consolidate in high ground
  • Nickel: Uneasy about the recent spike
  • Tin: The recovery will be volatile
  • Zinc: Consolidation seen in the short-term

What more you’ll find inside across all 6 base metals:

  • LME price forecasts, stocks and cancelled warrants
  • Market news, trends and analysis from our expert reporters and analysts
  • Fastmarkets price fundamentals, forecasts and assessments up to Q4 2023
  • Premiums including benchmarks for Europe, the US and Asia
  • Chinese production and trade data

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